Regrets…. I have a few

Post Number 2….. see once I start yapping….

Firstly dear readers I need to make it clear, with no apology, that essentially my blog is for my girls. Its a record of their mothers thoughts, opinions and advice. My blog, my rules.

Still with me ? Here goes….

In the last five years Ive had enough health scares, and issues to last me a lifetime, however taking a glass half full  look back at it all its allowed me to assess life and reboot. At 40 this is probably a good time too.

To me my health forced me to assess all aspects of my life to date. What I did, what I valued, what motivated me and ultimately what really mattered. Life, health, family, love. 

All a bit cliche dear reader? but oh so true. 

Today as I was shopping for my anti age skin regime, it hit me that Ive changed and have made changes both consciously and sub consciously. 

Some changes were dramatic, literally life changing. I gave up my career and became a SAHM, Id never have dreamed in a million years I’d do that . I was the full time + working mum, ever dashing to and fro up and down the country, always suited and booted, living off lattes. I was queen of the conference call, and prided myself on my meetings and diary running to time. 

I was the most accomplished juggler….with the help of a cleaner/housekeeper two days a week and endless fees to after school clubs.

Other changes were more subtle. I’m definitely a calmer person, I adopt a laissez faire attitude to some situations that previously I’d have flipped a lid at…. I think thats a positive, right ? 

I still have a few regrets though, and one thing I’d tell my 15 year old self is look after your skin more, for I have worshipped the sun. It began at 16 in Corfu, so desperate was I to be a bronzed Goddess that I wouldn’t dream of using suncream… Factors? schmacktors as far as 16 year old Jaynie was concerned and most important was my face.

I would literally lie from dawn till dusk, soaking up those meditteranean rays will only Body shop peanut body butter on… or even baby oil (aghhhhh).

As a child of the 70s (coughs) fake tans were literally non existent, and although I did prescribe to the Avon Arabian Glow (winces) phenomenon of bronzer, it didn’t hit the mark.

Once I’d secured a Saturday job I began my foray into the world of sun beds… ahhh the sweet heady scent of my burning skin !

This process continued throughout my twenties, and I was permanently tanned, not tangoed but tanned all the same. I didn’t use sun beds of course when I was pregnant.

My brush with the big C put a swift stop to these shenanigans.

The skin on my face has paid the price. I’d dread to think what I’d look like under one of those skin damage lamps….

Ive freckles, deep lines on my forehead to go with the only to be expected at my age crows feet. Ive also got cholesma on my neck.

My only saving graces have been that I’ve always used face creams and had a skincare regime, the best I could ever afford, never skip this process girlies, and always take your makeup off, however drunk you maybe. Nobody fancies an Alice Cooper lookalike. Plus I’ve never smoked. Ive never even taken a drag, no matter how uncool this may have made me look. Both of these matters probably deserve posts of their own…

So this summer when your wrinkly mothers voice is nagging you, remember to slip, slop, slap!!


Be kind to yourself




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Where have all the Role Models gone ?

At last I feel compelled to blog ! I was waiting for the appropriate fire in my belly to spur me on and at the weekend it presented itself.

‘It’ is intact a she, Katie Price to be precise.

I’m the proud, frazzled mum to three daughters who, to me, are beautiful, clever and have the world at their feet. Yes, perhaps I’m biased and looking at them all through rose tinted spectacles instead of my ‘readers’ but hey its my perogative.

On Saturday the lovely middle daughter, Lucy stated that she was off to a book signing in town on Sunday and would need to get up early, (unheard of round these parts ), and more shockingly that the aforementioned book signing was Katie Price !

This announcement produced mixed emotions in me, most of which were negative and unpublishable. I was dismayed that my daughter,whom I endeavour to ensile a sense of morality and ambition would consider it a ‘must do’ to meet Ms Price.

In my attempt to be reasonable, a debate ensued. 

Me ” why would you want to spend your sunday queuing to see her ? Has she even written the book ? “

Luce ” She’s a celebrity, and nobody ever comes to Southport “

Me ” I don’t think she’s an appropriate role model for young girls on so many levels Luce, and I certainly don’t want you reading the book”

Luce ” Mum, she’s made lots of money from lots of business ventures, theres perfume, equestrian gear, book sales, TV rights….. You said entrepreneurs were good role models mum, and she’s a working mum”

Me …..Gobsmacked 

So dear readers, ( I hope theres a few of you at least ), I was thrown into silence. I had no comeback line. Ive always told my girls that there are no glass ceilings, aim high, and have ambition but I’m at a loss to illustrate my argument with appropriate role models that young girls can aspire to.

I threw a few female athletes into the mix, but if like my eldest you’re just not into sport then these won’t do it for her. 

I can think of many personal female role models that are appropriate to my generation, Jo Malone springs to mind, but none, if any for my girls and this worries me.

Where have all the role models gone ?

If you find any please tell them I’m searching for them.

Be kind to yourselves

The Uberhousefrau

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